Self Destruction

by Wrong Advice



released June 2, 2014

All song by Wrong Advice

recorded , produced, mix and masterd at Studio Danger by Remy Verreault

Artwork by Olivier Hebert



all rights reserved


Wrong Advice Saguenay, Québec

We just wanna have fun!

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Track Name: 01 Forsaken
When you just do things by yourself and you proved that it worked.
Some are trying to put a spoke in your wheels, help others, and put you aside.

This way you look at them achieving your dreams without a slightest effort.
this way you feel you're not appreciated, because you steal their slice of the cake

You are forsaken

some say you'll destroy the industry
because the market is already overloaded
they don't want to admit that you take ''their money''
because you are doing what would normally pay them

this way you look at them achieve your dreams
Track Name: 02 Attak the weakest
You're not living up
to the expectations
you attack the weakest

you choose the one
who can't defend himself
to appear stronger

you aren't worth more than a pile of shit

go fuck yourself!!!

trying to cope
trying to overcome
faces the reality

beats down with those of your size
any way you should gain no price
but thou shalt honor

isn't survival of the fittest
it's you who's pathetic in this story
Track Name: 03 NWO
Since the world has begun

human being's trying to get the power
rulers want more control, so frighten people, by firepower, religions and medias
this way they can control everything, control our mind...

We have new technologies, that they keep secretly
they only give us what they want, leaving us in the ingnorance
We're all hypnotise by everything suround us
like cellphones, computer and television...

they filter information to show us what they want
they want us to believe we know
tries to be more powerful than his fellow
leaving us in the darkness
because rulers want more power

at the very beginning we barter
So almost everyone had a place
And they introduced the currency
to be able to handle carefully

it's time to change before it is too late
it's time to change
we need a new, a new world order
Track Name: 04 Men in tights
they fill their coffers
taking the poor
they gain their power
crushing the smallers

I remember the story
of a man and his acolytes
who robbed the rich
and give to the poor

Where is he?
we need him
someone who could give back to the people
what they've earned from their hard work

poorer work more
the government enrich
population weakens
governments benefit

Where is Robin Hood?
Track Name: 05 Hearsay
people often talk about things without knowing
what they're talking about
critical things that they don't lived
based on the statements of the others

built your own opinion
shut up if you don't know
find your own arguments based on fact
why do you say if you were not contained
I said why do you say?
if you were not contained

shut ut your mouth
if you haven't lived
don't talk about hearsay
base yourself on facts
if you weren't there

have your own opinion
shut up if you don't know
have your own arguments based on fact
Track Name: 06 Medals have two sides
Everybody have their own opinion
even, if sometimes you disagree
It doesn't mean that you're right
you can position your point
You can tell what you think
and others can do it too

as you should know, medals has two sides

so if you think on a way
it's inevitable
that someone else
will think the opposite

Everybody have their own opinion
even, if sometimes you disagree
It doesn't mean that you're right
you can position your point
You can tell what you think
and others can do it too
Track Name: 07 Our mean of expression
Music is our mean
of expression
our therapy

Imagine what is sleeping within us
anger full of passion

This is What We use to pass our messages
The machine We decide to open, the deliverance of our inner demons
It's the way We found, to express every bit of anger We have
The pits are running through our veins

nobody can stop us
the war machine is running
Track Name: 08 Praise to you
this is a tribute to the stupid people

We want to take this moment
to say thank you
to (je mettrais pas de the) people for being stupid
for their lack of judgment
not to mention those who think of their own navel

if everything was ok in our world
we wouldn't have the chance to rub shoulders
to be witnesses of your stupidities
all of your actions serves us
This allows us to write lyrics
and compose music
dignified of your fucking bullshit

Because of you we have hatred
and strong emotions to come out

So thank you!!!

This is a tribute to the stupid people

Because of you
we have hatred
and strong emotions to come out
Track Name: 09 Self destruction
human has a unique capacity to destroy itself
there is no other living organism able to do so
either by malnutrition or voluntary intoxication
with gratuitous violence on television
knowingly because we are increasing AWARENESS

the pain of living is on us
the society, in which we live pushes us in the abyss
the obligation to work for a minimum of well-being
but at what cost?
we are paying from our mental health
several sink into depression or suicide

exhausted to work in order to afford our precious substance
this famous shit that slowly destroys us
but for a moment, gives us so much happiness and pleasure
then we're falling down

self destruction
Track Name: 10 Welcome to my world
I would like to introduce you to my world
a place where pop music doesn't exist
a place where aggressiveness in the music take over your life
If it isn't fast & melodic,
loud or agressive...
I don't want to hear it!
I don't want to belittle myself to the mass with that shit
I think it isn't close minded, needing to vent
I think it isn't close minded, needing to shout
I am and I will remain marginal
for the rest of my life
Track Name: 11 Without rancor
true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand without using my thumb
I realized that if I have nothing to give, some friends disappear from the sets
as they have nothing to ask me, I do not hear from them
but when they need my help, strangely they call me

I know we don't have the same lifestyle
I know we all make different choices
but it killed me to see how they don't give a fuck about me and see how they are welded

by the way, this is the reason why I choose to spend time with my family, my sons, my girlfriend
they will always need me like I need them
they help me get through the storm in my head

because you do not know the feeling of being set aside
and no longer want to be part of this life

I'm telling you this without rancor
Track Name: 12 Fall from glory
You really really don't know how it feels
To be me... to be trapped in the wheel

You really really don't know how it feels
to realize that this nightmare is real

You really really don't know how it feels
unfortunate and i have to conceal

You really really don't know how it feels
always and always desire to squeal

I swear you don't know how it feels

Same story, every day
Same story, every night
if i smile i swear i fall from glory
and everything will come crashing down on me

can someone stop this agony
who stays who's still following me?
I just wanna go back
To the way I used to fucking be
Track Name: 13 Am I insane?
I often feel alone thinking this way
as if I wasn't made for this world

I feel trapped in the ice
I can't find any other way to escape
Guilty feelings of remorse that gnaws me

I follow a system that shouldn't be so
Seeing people do the opposite of what they dictate
hearing things that shouldn't be said
I walk in the opposite direction to find my way
I don't know if I will be fine

because living in a world against my principles is difficult